Incentive Consultancy

As Kızılkaya Customs Brokerage, we effectively finalize your planning, project preparation and applications for Investment Incentive and Inward Processing Permit Documents by analyzing your company and the relevant sector within the scope of the document. Revising the documents according to your needs, closing the documents are managed and finalized by our expert team. This document provides up to 26% tax exemption on raw materials or semi-finished products that you import or purchase domestically for use in your export-oriented manufacturing. You can get service from our Incentive Department in making and finalizing your application for the supports utilized in exports and receiving your supports. Inward Processing Permit is granted by the Customs Administrations for operations such as repairing, painting, renewal, assembly, packaging, free import, etc. We also serve you with our expert team on this subject. It provides tax exemption up to 26% on raw materials/ semi-finished products that you import or purchase domestically to use in your export-oriented production with this document.

01 Inward Processing Regime

It is an export incentive system that provides customs exemption for raw materials or inputs that are necessary to produce export products and are imported by exporting companies and therefore subject to customs duty.

The Inward Processing Regime was established in order to increase exports by reducing input costs by enabling the import of materials that cannot be supplied domestically at world prices, cannot be supplied at all, or whose production is insufficient or of insufficient quality from abroad with customs exemption, to give export products competitiveness in international markets, to develop export markets and to diversify export products.

02 Investment Incentive Certificate
The investment incentive certificate provides support to the investor in building construction expenditures and machinery and equipment purchases. Companies using investment incentive certificates can benefit from advantages such as VAT exemption, social security incentive, corporate tax reduction, interest support, customs duty for four and a half years. Türkiye consists of six regions in terms of investment incentives. Support is provided according to the incentive map and investment sector.
03 Support for Participation in the Global Supply Chain

Global Supply Chain Competence Project Support (KTZ Competence Project Support): Within the scope of the project, the domestic producer Supplier Company is required to produce and sell or plan to sell the product or goods used as intermediate goods in the final product of the Global Company.

  • Global Firm: Firms abroad deemed appropriate by the Ministry that have a global scale in their sector in terms of factors such as brand, export, turnover
  • Supplier: A company that produces intermediate goods and will supply a new product to the Global Company it is working or will work with, or will be a supplier to a new Global Company with its existing product.
04 Overseas Exhibition Supports
Companies established in accordance with the provisions of the Turkish Commercial Code, member companies of exporters' associations and producer/manufacturer organizations based in Türkiye can benefit. Merchants known as sole proprietorships cannot benefit from overseas fair support.
05 Overseas Unit, Brand and Promotion Support
Within the framework of the "Communiqué on Supporting Overseas Units, Trademarks and Promotional Activities" numbered 2010/6, promotional activities carried out by our companies and Cooperation Organizations abroad, rental expenses related to the units they open abroad and trademark registration expenses are supported.
06 Development of International Competitiveness Development Support

The Development of International Competitiveness (UR-GE) support, in the broadest sense, is a state support for companies engaged in industrial and/or commercial activities in our country or operating in the software sector to add new ones to the markets they already export to and to increase their shares in the markets they already hold.

The duration of the UR- GE projects is determined as 3 years in the relevant legislation, and it has been reported that it can be extended for another 2 years if deemed necessary. At the very beginning of the projects, a needs analysis is carried out in order to determine the current situation of the participating companies and to determine the road map for the activities they need to carry out to improve their exports during this 3-year program.

TURQUALITY® is the first and only state-sponsored branding program established to enable our companies with product groups in which our country has a competitive advantage and which have branding potential to become a global player in international markets with their own brands by providing managerial know-how, institutionalization and development to cover all processes from production to marketing, from sales to after-sales services, and to create and establish a positive image of Turkish goods through these brands.
08 Support for Market Entry Documents

Supporting the expenses incurred to increase the production and export capacities of companies in order to enable them to participate in the supply chain as a more effective supplier through the certification of foreign market entry certificates obtained from accredited organizations and/or institutions in order to comply with technical legislation on quality, human health and the environment.

Collective, limited partnership, joint stock, limited liability and cooperative companies that carry out commercial and/or industrial activities within the framework of the provisions of the Turkish Commercial Code and specified in Article 124 of the Turkish Commercial Code may apply.

09 Market Research and Market Entry Support

Supporting companies' overseas market research trips in order to create new export markets and increase our market share in traditional markets.

Companies are provided with the opportunity to increase their knowledge and experience regarding the target markets they wish to export to and to hold business meetings with potential customers.

Collective, limited partnership, joint stock, limited liability and cooperative companies engaged in industrial and/or commercial activities specified in Article 124 of the Turkish Commercial Code may apply.

10 Brand Support
We can call Turquality, a sub-program of the first and only world-supported branding program, as brand support. As a result of the examinations made when applying to the Turquality program, if the company scores between 50 and 80 points out of 100, it is placed in the brand support program, and if it scores above 80, it is placed in the Turquality program. In short, it is a program where partially qualified companies are accepted.
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